Collection: Pole dance poles

the pole

The Pole is a company specializing in the production of pole dance equipment. The range of products offered by the company includes poles, pole holders, training equipment and pole dance accessories. The main feature of The Pole products is their high quality, resistance and safety. The poles are made with high quality materials such as stainless steel and GECKO GRIP, to ensure greater durability and stability during training and performances. Training equipment, such as aerial hoops and resistance bands, are used to improve the strength and flexibility of pole dancers. The Pole also offers accessories such as carry bags and cleaning kits to keep your poles clean and in good condition. Due to their focus on quality, The Pole products are used extensively by pole dance professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.
The pole founded in 2009 was the first company to insert an automatic system of the pole so that it could pass from the fixed to the rotating state automatically called QUICK SPIN.
In 2022 the new version of the system called QUICK SPIN HYDRO was released, the only system that allows you to install poles even with surfaces that have a slope of up to 9 degrees, allowing the pole to turn perfectly.


X-Pole is one of the best known and most popular brands of pole dance equipment. The company produces poles, pole supports and accessories for pole dance, used both at an amateur and professional level. X-Pole poles are appreciated for their solidity and stability, thanks to their pressure locking system which makes them easily adjustable and adaptable to different ceiling heights. The company also offers a wide range of pole dance accessories, including pole carry bags, training gear and wall protectors. Thanks to its high quality and reliability, X-Pole equipment is used by professionals and pole dance enthusiasts all over the world.