Exotic pole dance is a dance form that focuses on using the pole as a prop to perform sensual, fluid, and often provocative movements. Exotic pole dance has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to its combination of acrobatic skills, grace, sensuality and physical strength.

Exotic pole dance has its roots in burlesque dance and belly dance. These dance styles focus on using flowing, sinuous body movements, and creating a sensual atmosphere. The pole has been added to burlesque dancing and belly dancing as a new element to create an even more spectacular dance experience.

Exotic pole dance requires great physical strength, particularly in the upper body, arms and core muscles. To perform sensuous, fluid movements on the pole, dancers must also have great flexibility and precise control of their body.


Additionally, exotic pole dancing requires a certain amount of acrobatic skill. The dancers can perform a wide variety of aerial movements on the pole, such as the carousel spin, the chopper spin, the crucifix, the layback, the invert, and many more. These movements can be performed with a variety of body positions, such as using the legs and arms to lock onto the pole, or performing twisting and splits movements.

Many people are skeptical about exotic pole dancing, thinking it is a form of entertainment exclusively for adults. However, exotic pole dancing has become a very popular form of exercise, which is practiced by people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Many gyms offer exotic pole dance classes as a form of fitness and to help people improve their physical strength, flexibility and coordination.

Exotic pole dance can also be performed as an art form. Exotic pole dancers can use the pole to create spectacular performances that combine fluid, acrobatic and sensual movements. Many of these performances are performed in artistic contexts, such as dance festivals and international theaters and competitions including the best known which is called "exotic generation" born in Russia and now spread all over the world.

Exotic pole dance is a sensual dance form that requires acrobatic skills and physical strength. Many exotic pole dancers wear high-heeled shoes to help create smooth, sensual movements on the pole. One of the most popular brands of exotic pole dancing shoes is Pleaser .

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