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Bikini fitness competitions are sporting events that require a high level of fitness and great attention to presentation. Bikini fitness athletes must wear a bikini that highlights their muscles and body shape, but shoes are also important. Competition shoes should be stylish and appropriate for stage performance, with high heels to improve posture and body aesthetics. Some popular brands of bikini fitness shoes are PLEASER USA 's signature models with their FABOULICIUS collection, offering a wide choice of designs.

Which shoe to choose for your IFBB fitness bikini competition???
Within this collection you will find different footwear solutions for your FITNESS BIKINI OR WOMAN BIKINI DIVAS PNBA COMPETITIONS or all those bikini fitness competitions
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IFBB competition shoes
What does the federation regulation say about the shoes that can be used in a competition?
Since 2013, the IFBB federation has applied a regulation to standardize the aesthetics of the body to be evaluated.
They have entered the maximum height of the heel and the front wedge.
These limits are that the heel cannot exceed the height of 12 cm and the wedge of about 1 cm.

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For further information you can directly follow the IFBB portal where you can find all the news about the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FITNESS AND BODYBUILDING

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